Julian Jumpin Perez, Founder


Julian Jumpin Perez, Chicago's legendary DJ, on-air personality, producer, and entertainer, with a career spanning four decades, created the Julian Jumpin Perez Foundation in September of 2019 after years of planning. He is surrounded by a community of friends and colleagues with a common passion to help those in need.

"My goal for our Foundation is to work year round creating Events that Give Back and help provide assistance to families, individuals and organizations that need our help. The poor, the hungry, the sick, the needy, the homeless, the Veterans, the teachers, the fighters & the survivors. Together, we CAN help make a difference!"   


 Julian Jumpin Perez


Julian's love for Chicago knows no bounds and the Foundation helps fulfill his dream of giving back to the communities that have supported, and loved him throughout his career.

The Julian Jumpin Perez Foundation Board

A Team Like No Other

We've assembled the best and most driven professionals to lead and coordinate outreach, fundraising, and promotion for the Foundation. Founding board members include Bianca, Bella, Dominic, Bill, Jessica, Isaac, Christy, George, Gino and Manny.

Bianca Perez

Bella Perez

Dominic Perez

Jessica Rodriguez

William Renkosik

(Bad Boy Bill)

George Herrera

DR. Gino Romo

(Gino Rockin Romo)

Manny Ortuno

Isaac Curiel

Rohn Quimque


Danielle Torres